President and Chief Investment Officer

About our chief investment officer

   Mitchell J. Kleiner


Began his career in Data Network Consulting for Financial Institutions from 1984-1993 where he graduated with honors in the NYNEX Advanced Data Communications Program ALPHA IV.


Mr. Kleiner joined Morgan Stanley's MBA Program in 1993. He excelled in their Private Wealth Management Group as a Financial Advisor for Institutional Clients i.e. Hedge Funds and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals until 1998. 


In 1999, Mr. Kleiner was hired away from Morgan Stanley, as Senior Vice President - Investments for Paine Webber Group.  He was accepted into the UBS Paine Webber Portfolio Management Program as a Senior Portfolio Manager; where he managed significant assets for Pension Plans, Foundations, Corporations, and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.


In 2004 Mr. Kleiner founded Kleiner Capital Management, LLC (Kcap) a Registered Investment Advisor Firm.  Clients include Pension Plans, Foundations, Corporations, and High Net Worth Individuals.  Mr. Kleiner is also the founder of the "The Kcap Trading Blog" which is a website that offers his intra-day U.S. Equity Market insights.  He is also a featured writer for “”.