Kleiner Capital Management, LLC offers you the transparency into your portfolio that is not available from traditional Hedge Funds.


Differential Advantage

Unlike Traditional Brokerage Firms, we provide a well balanced portfolio with a "Hedge Fund Style Strategy".  Unlike Traditional Hedge Funds, you will now have complete ownership and transparency for all your security positions.  You will also have online account access, confirms per security transaction, monthly statements, and margin balances all with no lock-up periods.



Custom Implementation

Kcap will recommend and manage a diversified allocation in your individual portfolio through the use of sector Funds. Our Funds are carefully selected to insure you have proper exposure in many of the major asset classes.  Furthermore, our recommended category weightings are often  within preset ranges in order to achieve attractive risk/reward returns.  We have also ensured that our client's accounts are custodied at some of the most recognized financial institutions in the world (clearing, custody, or other brokerage services may be provided by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC or National Financial Services LLC members NYSE/SIPC).


Most importantly, Kcap includes a Hedge Fund Style component in your overall investment mix.  This is a critical tool to help navigate the often volatile financial markets and has the capability to provide Hedging protection.





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