The Kleiner Capital Management, LLC (Kcap) money management style (for the Hedge Fund Style component of your total mix) is considered to be: actively traded, technology-oriented, will employ leverage, and from time to time take concentrated positions.  The overall strategy emphasis is on performance and is willing to accept significant volatility in order to target above average returns.  Kcap takes an opportunistic approach to uncovering long-term and short-term positions within a variety of sectors and market caps.  Technical analysis is used as a tool to screen securities, identify trends, and to manage risk.


The Kcap team seeks opportunities (often technology sector oriented) by selecting and trading securities in "your own individual brokerage account."  Although we may invest in multi sectors, the technology sector is usually over-weighted due to its tremendous wealth creation in overall market value.  Our investment and trading strategy spans the entire Information Technology industry including communication equipment, semiconductors, internet services, computers, wireless, and software.


Research is performed both top down and bottom up:

Top down research is focused on careful analysis of macro economics, Federal Reserve actions and communications, sector rotations, and trend analysis.  Significant importance is placed on accessing trader sentiment and market psychology to the overall macro news environment.


Bottom up research is used to identify fundamental relative valuations among sectors and peers within a sector.  When focusing on bottom up analysis for individual securities or industries, identifying near term catalysts such as earnings reports, product announcements, or company specific events are considered important to initiate potential trading positions (long/short).  


Risk management techniques are primarily the ability to quickly trade out of positions or sectors, initiate hedges through shorting or options, or bring the entire portfolio up to 100% cash.  The entire portfolio may frequently oscillate between an overall net long position of over 100% to a moderately net short position, within a small period of time.


Individual positions are generally weighted 1 - 8% of the portfolio, however exposure to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) will usually carry far greater weightings either for investment or trading purposes.  Individual security positions may from time to time carry greater than 8% weightings as well.

Investment/Trading StyLe

Kleiner Capital Management, LLC strives for significant outperformance for our client’s individual accounts.